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National CrossTalk Fall 1999
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  Measuring Up 2000 Earns National Attention State-by-State Report Card Praised and Criticized
By William Trombley, Senior Editor

SEVERAL STATES are preparing to use Measuring Up 2000, the 50-state higher education “report card” published by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education last fall, as part of their efforts to press for policy changes, interviews with higher education officials in a dozen states indicate.

  Questions and Answers about Measuring Up 2000
  How We Grade
  Measuring Up 2000 is Released at the National Press Club
  Important Questions
By Kathleen Ashe
Kathleen Ashe is a member of the Georgia House of Representatives.
  Addressing Student Learning
By Judith S. Eaton
Judith Eaton is president of the National Council for Higher Education Accreditation, Washington, D.C.
  How Does Measuring Up 2000 Measure Up?
By William T. Gormley, Jr.
William T. Gormely, Jr. is a professor of government and political science at Georgetown University.
  Focusing Public Attention
By Tom Imeson
Tom Imeson is past president of the Oregon State Board of Higher Education.
  Making the Grade
By Stan Jones
Stan Jones is Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education.
  Sobering Up in 2001
By David B. Laird, Jr.
David B. Laird, Jr. is president of the Minnesota Private Council.
  A Gift for Our Nation
By Arthur Levine
Arthur Levine is president of Teachers College at Columbia University
  A Good “First Draft”
By Michael S. McPherson and Morton Owen Schapiro
Michael S. McPherson is president of Macalaster College. Morton Owen Schapiro is president of Williams College.
  A Herculean Effort
By Stephan R. Portch
Stephen R. Portch is chancellor of the University System of Georgia.
  A Useful Tool
By Philip J. Rock
Philip J. Rock is chairman of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.
  A Fair Comparison
By Emily Stonington
Emily Stonington is a state senator from Bozeman, Montana.
  Meaningful, Measurable Goals
By Kala M. Stroup
Kala M. Stroup is Missouri commissioner of Higher Education.


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