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A Letter to the Editor

I appreciate your attention to my involvement in higher education governance and reform (National CrossTalk, Fall 1997). However, one statement attributed to me, either misquoted or taken out of context, might lead to a serious misinterpretation of my views and record.

Specifically, I am quoted as saying that it is not the SUNY Board's "job to contradict (Governor George Pataki)." Lest this be taken to mean that I perceive of the board as an agent of the governor, I hasten to inform you that, at the time of my appointment, I was explicitly exhorted by the governor to bring my best, independent judgment to bear of issues relating to the State University.

I am a public official who has sworn to represent all citizens of New York State, and my views on issues affecting the system may or may not coincide with those of the governor.

Candace de Russy, Ph. D
Member, Board of Trustees
State University of New York
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