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Performance-Based Budgeting  
Performance-based Budgeting
South Carolina's new plan mired in detail and confusion

Distance Education Comes of Age
Western Governors University opens with many unanswered questions

Well-educated Bricklayers?
Two new colleges hope to produce broadly trained engineers

The Costs of Higher Education
National Commission does an about face

All That Glitters
Controversial gold mining project would benefit tiny Montana Tech

A Letter to the Editor

Other Voices
University Governance
By Robert M. Rosenzweig

The Erosion of Educational Monopolies
By Virgina B. Smith

Challenging Questions
By Lee R. Kerschner

In the Fall 1997 issue of National CrossTalk, the photo identifications of Anne Paolucci, chairwoman of the City University of New York's Board of Trustees, and Candace de Russy, a member of the State University of New York Board of Trustees, were transposed. The editor regrets the error.

Note: This error has been corrected in the online edition.

Austin Gilbert

Chairman Austin Gilbert, of the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.
THIS IS HOW Austin Gilbert tells the story of South Carolina's decision to launch an ambitious new performance-based budgeting plan for public higher education.

Gilbert runs a small construction company in Florence, S.C. He is also chairman of the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. In that capacity, he was one of 12 people who met for several months in 1995 to ponder the future of South Carolina's 33 public colleges and universities....(continue)
Former University of Colorado administrator Robert Albrecht is WGU's chief academic officer
AS THE WESTERN Governors University prepares to launch its first pilot projects, some of the problems facing this ambitious attempt at non-traditional higher education have been solved but many more have not.

On the positive side, in little more than two years, WGU has advanced from an idea proposed by two governors-Democrat Roy Romer of Colorado and Republican Mike Leavitt of Utah-to a consortium of 16 states and one territory (Guam) that is about to test its first degree and certificate programs.... (continue)

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