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National CrossTalk Summer 2002
News Editorial Other Voices Interview

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Board of Directors
James B. Hunt Jr.

Garrey Carruthers
Vice Chairman

Patrick M. Callan

Ramon C. Cortines
Dolores Cross
Alfredo G. de los Santos, Jr.
Jim Edgar
Virginia B. Edwards
Thomas Ehrlich
Roger A. Enrico
James M. Furman
Arturo Madrid
Robert H. McCabe
Paul F. Miller, Jr.
Howard "Pete" Rawlings
John Brooks Slaughter
Thomas J. Tierney
Uri Treisman
Harold M. Williams

Founding Directors
Clark Kerr
Virginia B. Smith

Patrick M. Callan President

Joni E. Finney
Vice President

William Trombley
Senior Editor

Jill de Maria
Communications and Production Manager

William Doyle
Senior Policy Analyst

Holly Earlywine

Heather Jack
Director of State and Media Relations

Gail Moore
Director of Administration

Sue Murphy
Assistant to the Vice President

Mikyung Ryu
Policy Analyst

Todd Sallo
Editing and Production, National CrossTalk

Noreen Savelle
Executive Assistant

Michael Usdan
Senior Fellow

Shawn Whiteman
Administrative Assistant

Center Program Associates

Thirteen mid-career professionals have been selected as Program Associates by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education for 2002-2003. The Associates program, supported by the Ford Foundation, is designed to engage scholars and leaders interested in addressing current public policy issues in higher education through involvement in the work of the National Center.
The new Associates attend three policy symposiums a year and contribute in other ways to the National Center's agenda and activities


National CrossTalk is a publication of the
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The National Center promotes public policies that enhance opportunities for quality education and training beyond high school. The National Center is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that receives core support from national philanthropic organizations, including the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Atlantic Philanthropies and the Ford Foundation.

The primary purpose of National CrossTalk is to stimulate informed discussion and debate of higher education issues. The publication's articles and opinion pieces are written independently of the National Center's policy positions and those of its board members.

Subscriptions to National CrossTalk are free and can be obtained by writing a letter or sending a fax or e-mail to the San Jose addresses listed above.

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