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Nineteen mid-career professionals have been selected by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education as Program Associates for 2006-07. They include faculty members, administrators, legislative staff members and postsecondary education specialists. They will attend three formal meetings during the academic year and also will work with National Center staff members on a variety of projects.

The goal of the program, which is financially supported by the Ford Foundation, is to engage scholars and prospective leaders in the study of higher education policy issues.

Steve D. Boilard
Director, Higher Education
California Legislative Analyst's Office

Kathleen Chavira
Principal Consultant
California Senate Education Committee

John J. Cheslock
Assistant Professor
University of Arizona

Sharmila Basu Conger
Policy Analyst
State Higher Education Executive Officers

Bryan J. Cook
Associate Director, Center for Policy Analysis
American Council on Education

Diane R. Dean
Assistant Professor
Illinois State University

Donna M. Desrochers
Vice President and Director of Education and Labor Studies
Committee for Economic Development

Amy-Ellen Duke
Senior Policy Analyst
Center for Law and Social Policy

John C. Hayek
Associate Vice President, Planning & Performance
Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education

Eurmon Hervey
Director of Education Programs
D.C. State Education Office

Cameron Howell
Assistant to the President
University of Virginia

Karen Molchanow
Manager of Policy Information and Programs
The Education Policy and Leadership Center

Lucretia P. Murphy
Senior Program Manager
Jobs for the Future

Darcy R. Renfro
Policy Advisor for Higher Education, and Economic Development
State of Arizona, Office of the Governor

José Luis Santos
Assistant Professor
University of California, Los Angeles

Christopher B. Swanson
Director, Research Center
Editorial Projects in Education

Dave Veazey
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Director, SW K-12 Outreach
University of Alaska

Jill K. Wohlford
Knowledge Management and Program Officer
Lumina Foundation for Education
Takeshi Yanagiura
Data Analyst
State Higher Education Executive Officers

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