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Addressing Higher Education Policy
A Very Public Agenda: A National Roundtable Examines the Role of Public Policy in Shaping Higher Education


Remedial Education Under Attack
Controversial plans for the City University of New York

Big Marketeers on Campus
What happened to news?

News from the Center
The latest meetings sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy

Midwestern Higher Education Policy Summit
State legislators and higher education officials urged to make college more affordable for low-income students

Tribal Colleges
Native American leaders take educational matters into their own hands

Other Voices
The Kiss of Death
By Clifford Adelman

Remedial Education and Civic Responsibility
By Alexander W. Astin

A Vision for the 21st Century
By Gary Locke
Mali Heded, a part-time English instructor at Lehman College, a City University of New York campus, finds teaching remedial students "emotionally draining."

ON A RAINY SPRING afternoon in the North Bronx, 15 students sat in a freshman English class at Lehman College, participating somewhat reluctantly in a discussion of a Langston Hughes short story.

Pacing back and forth in front of the class, a young part-time instructor named Mali Heded tried to elicit opinions about the story or about Hughes, one of the nation's best-known black writers, or about race relations in New York City at the time the story was written (the 1930s). It was tough going. The students, mostly Latinos and African Americans, tried to answer Heded's direct questions but they volunteered very little.....(continue)
Marcia Fluer, university relations director at the University of Minnesota, plans to "turn my office around so that marketing is really the engine that drives all of the public relations work."
FORGET NEWS. Try integrated marketing. That's the "buzz" for public relations professionals in higher education.

Using tools honed in corporations and political campaigns. administrators scurry to market their institutions to carefully targeted audiences. Dollars and scholars are the primary benchmarks.

"Guys, whether we like it or not, we're all in sales," Arthur K. Smith told academically robed faculty in his investiture speech as chancellor/president of the University of Houston System last year...... (continue)

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