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As a former teacher of (Advanced Placement) Calculus AB, I looked at the problems on the back page (National CrossTalk, Volume 8, No. 3, Summer 2000) and noted with some dismay that the answer given for the question about the time rate of change of the area of a triangle was incorrect.

Richard B. Gilman, csc,
President, Holy Cross College

President Gilman is correct, as were many others who called this mistake to our attention. Not only did we offer the wrong answer to the first Calculus question, we provided no answer at all for the second question. The questions and what we hope are the correct answers appear below.


Of particular interest to me were the "Hope for Whom?" and "Diverting Financial Support" articles (Volume 8, No. 3, Summer 2000).
As a middle-income parent of three college students, I thank God for the federal tuition tax credits introduced in 1998. I am not poor enough to obtain Pell Grants, Stafford Loans and financial need-based assistance, nor am I wealthy enough to afford tuition. All three of my children have held jobs while attending college full time, and I am working a second job to apply toward tuition.
It's about time that credits were aimed squarely at the middle class! We are drowning in student loans, Parent Plus and home equity loans, and although we've tried to put away money for college education, we are still scraping and scratching to find ways to pay for college. Don't be misled! Many middle class wage earners are needy! The current system is certainly no way to measure a family's ability to pay for higher education.
The middle income family has been penalized enough. I'm not drowning in my tears because the Pell Grant and Stafford Loan recipients are not also qualifying for HOPE credits. They are utilizing government funds and subsidized programs in addition to the educational funds they receive. As my middle class friends and I lose sleep at night because they are trying to figure out how to meet the next tuition bill, we are also thankful for some long overdue financial breaks that we deserve.
The price of an education is exorbitant, but the price of ignorance is even higher.

Lori Fisher,
Indianapolis, IN

CORRECTION The young woman pictured at right, identified in the last issue of National CrossTalk as Sara Shaw, of Gustine (California) High School, is, in fact, Vanessa Reid, of Palo Alto (California) High School. The editors regret the error.

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