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A New National Agenda

IN EARLY 1998, the Higher Education Policy Institute will establish a national center to address public policy issues in higher education. The purpose and rationale for the new center are summarized in "A New National Center".

The Higher Education Policy Institute encourages readers of CrossTalk and others interested in higher education policy to share their views on the policy issues the new center might most effectively address, the framing of those issues, and on projects and activities the new organization might undertake.

The Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) will be the sponsoring organization of the new policy center. The Institute was established in 1992 as a non-profit corporation for the purposes of: 1) conducting nonpartisan analyses and policy studies to evaluate higher education policy, and examining alternatives for achieving effective organization and operation; 2) identifying key higher education issues and disseminating the results of analyses and policy studies through publications and public programs to promote informed public discussion; and 3) keeping the public interest central to analyses, evaluation and recommendations.

The institute was established as a parent corporation for projects that are within its stated purposes. For the past five years, the Institute's primary project was the California Higher Education Policy Center, which ceased operation in June 1997. HEPI is not affiliated with, or supported by, any governmental agency or governmental institution. The new national policy center is being established with assured multi-year support from national foundations.

The Higher Education Policy Institute invites comments and suggestions on "A New National Center" and on this issue of CrossTalk.

÷Patrick M. Callan

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