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Ms. Machiavelli   In This Issue
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Addressing Higher Education Policy
A New National Center: Examining the Dramatic Changes that Have Taken Place in Recent Decades and the Challenges to Come


Ms. Machiavelli
City University of New York's controversial chairwoman

Patton's Reforms
Kentucky governor brings change to postsecondary education

Mega-Merger in Minnesota
Anticipated gains in savings and efficiency prove to be elusive

Tuition Inflation
Insiders dominate a national commission on spiraling college costs

A New National Agenda

Other Voices
Partisan Political Battles
By Berald L. Baliles

Public University Trustees
By Phyllis M. Krutsch

Political Passages
By Elaine H. Hairston

A Complex Relationship
By Aims C. McGuinness, Jr.
Anne Paolucci
CUNY's Anne Paolucci
ANNE PAOLUCCI fills her plays with bold, historical characters: Thomas More and Cardinal Wolsey, Confucius and Sophocles. She quotes Dante to reporters. And when not writing drama, she translates Machiavelli. Paolucci has the Prince's affection for politics, particularly the broad strokes.

In February, this state's Republican governor, George E. Pataki, appointed Paolucci to the chair of the City University of New York Board of Trustees. Immediately, this 71-year-old retired English professor from St. John's laid personal siege to the country's largest urban university, criticizing it from all angles and working full-time to bring the central administration under her control. In nine short months, she has made herself de facto chancellor of CUNY's 18 colleges and 200,000 students....(continue)
Patton's Reforms  
Governor Paul Patton
Kentucky Governor Paul Patton
AT A LATE-SEPTEMBER gathering billed as ãday oneä of the ãtransformation of postsecondary educationä in Kentucky, Governor Paul Patton told university regents and members of a newly-strengthened coordinating board how to do their jobs.

Be forward-thinking, Patton said. Be independent. Be prepared to resign in protest if Kentuckyâs university presidents succumb to their old habits of making end-runs around system planners to seek legislative approval for pet projects. If you donât like elements of the stateâs new higher education reform law, which the governor authored, then seek changes.... (continue)

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