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Georgia's Momentum   In This Issue
Georgia's Momentum
The magic of a popular lottery- funded college scholarship program

Illinois at a Crossroads
State's leaders seek a new agenda for higher education

Extended Learning
Colorado Electronic Community College offers online options

What the People Know

Other Voices
An Essential Partnership
By Kati Haycock

More Than 13 Ways of Looking at Degree Attainment
By Clifford Adelman

The Meaning of the Baccalaureate
By Margaret A. Miller

John G. Sperling
John G. Sperling, the former economics professor who founded the for-profit University of Phoenix, has cast a large shadow over the American higher education landscape.
Georgia Governor Zell Miller
Governor Zell Miller's HOPE scholarship program has helped thousands of Georgia college students.

GEORGIA GOVERNOR Zell Miller recently returned to the mountain valley of his boyhood to address a joint meeting of college presidents and others representing the state's public and private campuses.

It was a proud moment for Miller, whose widowed mama had hauled rocks from a creek long ago to build a home not far from the Brasstown Valley Resort and golf course where the higher education leaders were meeting. Now, as governor, Miller could take credit for the private development of the resort, having provided state land and low-interest bonds...(continue)
Illinois at a Crossroads  
Jerry Blakemore, chairman of the Illinois Board of Higher Education
Jerry Blakemore, chairman of the Illinois Board of Higher Education, heads the agency that operates Chicago's Comiskey Park.

FOR ILLINOIS public higher education, this is a time to wonder and worry.

After eight years of generally benevolent treatment from Republican Governor Jim Edgar, the colleges and universities must learn to live with a new governor - either Republican George Ryan, who is now the Illinois secretary of state, or Democratic Congressman Glenn Poshard - neither of whom has had much to say about higher education during the campaign.

There are other new faces in important jobs...(continue)

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