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Higher Education Research Institute, and: private colleges as
enclaves of the well-to-do, 15
Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of
Colleges and Schools, and: accreditation controversy, 254
Hill, Matthew, (photo), 25, 30; and: pioneering first class at Olin
College, 26, 29–31
Hispanic Serving Institution, and: Metropolitan State College of
Denver, 130, 132
Hite, Carl, and: outcome-funding in Tennessee, 149, 150
Hitt, John, (photo), 197; and: hired lobbyists for University of
Central Florida, 197; huge presidential pay increases, 202;
centralization of Florida’s university system, 202
Ho, Winston, 193
Hodges, Chuck, and: Math Emporium at Virginia Tech, 95;
Macintosh computers, use of, 96
Hoffman, Elizabeth, (photo), 152; and: Colorado’s higher education
vouchers, and tuition flexibility, 153; financial aid, 154; problems
with funding and regulation, 155, 156
Hogan, Patrick J., and: one-year tuition freeze inMaryland, 212
Holcomb, Will, 201
Holderman, James B., and: expense account scandal at University of
South Carolina, 142
Holt, Stephen, and: Olin College, 29, 30
Hooman, Robert (photography), 223
Georgia HOPE scholarship
HOPE Springs Eternal: Georgia’s scholarship program, a model for
the nation, experiences financial pains
(summer 2003) (Don
Campbell), 167–171
Hornburg, Jim, and: Rio Salado College, 74
Horner, Sally, and: performance-based budgeting in South Carolina,
141, 146; increased student-faculty ratio, 144
Horowitz, David, and: academic freedom, 279
Horsman, Dave, and: Rio Salado College, 76
Horton, Adam, and: Olin College, 31
Hudson Valley Community College, 224
Hughes, Ed, and: collaboration between universities in Kentucky, 196
Humphreys, Debra, (photo), 254; and: the difference between job
training and liberal education, 255
Humphries, Gordon (photography), 141–146
Hunt Report, and: research spending at Irish universities, 245; rising
enrollments, registration fees, 246
Hunter, Joseph, and: Olin College, 25, 27–29
Hurley, Daniel, and: response of higher education to economic
downturn, 187, 188; savings on instructional delivery, 189
Husted, Jon, 182
Ice, Jerry, and: part-time faculty at for-profit institutions, 75
If colleges cut budgets, will the quality of education suffer?
(table), 318
Illinois Board of Higher Education, 116; and: rising tuition, 163,
164, 166
Illinois State University, and: Center for the Study of Education
Policy, 157; six-year graduation rate, 164
Illinois Student Assistance Commission, and: reduction in grants in
hard times, 164; 165
Immerwahr, John, and: “Iron Triangle,” 301; on: increasing
necessity, and declining availability, of higher education,
Indiana, 21st Century Scholars, and: balance between need- and
merit-based aid, 171, 177; student successes, 178; Stan Jones and
Evan Bayh, 179
Indiana Chamber of Commerce, and: educational standards, 179;
Indiana Commission for Higher Education, 51, 177
Indiana Education Roundtable, 179
Indiana State University, 178
Indiana University, 128, 179; and, cost-cutting measures, 190
Indiana University’s Board of Trustees, 177
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI),
and: WoodrowWilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship, 70, 71;
Transition to Teaching program, 72; 21st Century Scholars, 178
Indiana’s “Eighth University”: Western Governors University brings
its “competency-based” approach to the Hoosier stat
e (December
2010) (KathyWitkowsky), 51–55
Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars: A new community college system and
college prep curriculum are improving the state’s position
2006) (Susan C. Thomson), 177–180
Industrial Development Agency, Ireland, 241, 245
Institute for Higher Education Policy, 53, 90, 254
Institute for Research on Higher Education, University of
Pennsylvania, 250
Institute of Professional Development, and: John Sperling, 287
Institute of Technology, Sligo, and: pharmaceutical research, 241
“Integrity in the College Curriculum: A Report to the Academic
Community” (Association of American Colleges) (1985), 302
Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Newly established University of
Minnesota Rochester has a radically different approach to higher
(May 2011) (KathyWitkowsky), 39–43
Interest in Performance-Based Budgeting Has Faded: Update
2008) (WilliamTrombley), 145
Inter-University Council of Ohio, 183
Interview: Clark Kerr—principal architect of the California Master
Plan for Higher Education
(spring 1993) (interviewed by Patrick
M. Callan), 259–261
Interview: Derek Bok—former president of Harvard University
discusses the commercialization of higher education
2003) (interviewed by KathyWitkowsky), 281–283
Interview: John Sperling—founder of the Institute of Professional
Development, and the University of Phoenix, discusses the field
of for-profit higher education
(fall 1998) (interviewed by Carl
Irving), 287–290
Investing the Stimulus: Metropolitan State College of Denver uses
federal funding to reposition itself for the future
(May 2010)
(KathyWitkowsky), 129–132
Irish Federation of University Teachers, 239, 244
Irish Universities Association, 240, 241, 242
Iron Triangle, The, and: John Immerwahr, 301; cost, access and
quality, 301, 318
Irving, Carl, on: John Sperling (interview), 287–290
Is a college education necessary to be successful?
(table), 317
Is it a Shell Game? Colorado’s controversial new way of handing out
its higher education money
(winter 2007) (Susan C. Thomson),
Ivy Tech Community College, Indiana, 52; and: articulation
agreement withWGU, 55; first-generation college-goers, 55;
reinventing Indiana public schooling, 177; transformation
from Ivy Tech State College, 179; cooperative arrangement with
Vincennes University, 180; changing demographics, 180
Jackson State Community College, 101
Jackson, David, and: Ohio’s loss of graduates, 181; eliminating
duplicate programs, 185
Jackson, Debra, and: funding cuts in South Carolina, 145
James F. andMarion L. Miller Foundation, 176
Jamestown Community College, 79
Jarvis, Richard, and: El Paso Collaborative for Academic Excellence,
61; appeal of higher education vouchers, 156
Jenkins, Scott, and: Western Governors University, 52, 53
Jennings, Mike, and: faculty compensation in Ireland, 243, 247;
over-emphasis on research and development, 245; administrator
salaries, 248; (photo), 248