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1971, 81; writing center, 81; reduced funding under Mayor
Giuliani, 82; pursuit of grant funding, 83; adult and continuing
education, 84
LaGuardia, Fiorello, 79
Lakeland Community College, 184
Lambert, Angie, (photo), 47; and: WGU, 49, 50
Lambright, Melissa, (photo), 179
Lamm, Peggy, and: Colorado’s voucher program for higher
education, 151; low college attendance, 152
Lamont, Thomas, and: funding cuts in Illinois, 166
Lancaster University, 232
Lane Community College, 175; and: consequences of budget cuts,
Langer, Jenna, and: Colorado’s College Opportunity Fund, 157
Laramee, Bill, and: Berea College, 18
Larson, Jeff, 291
Larson, Toni, 154
Lavallee, Rory, (photo), 87; and: Tidewater Community College’s
automotive technology center, 87
Layzell, Thomas, and: Kentucky higher education reforms, 192
LEAP (Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership), and: need-
based financial aid, 169; Clinton administration policy, 297
Leavitt, Michael, and: Western Governors University, 45; WGU
Indiana, 51
Lee University, 167
Lee, David V., and: changes to HOPE scholarship eligibility, 170
Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO), and: UCMerced, 36; skepticism
about “Tidal Wave II,” 135
Lehmkuhle, Stephen, (photo), 39; and: University of Minnesota
Rochester, exclusive focus on health sciences, 39, 40; measuring
success, 41; improved retention rates, 43
Lentsch, Eric, 193
Leonore Annenberg Fellowship, 70
Levenson, David (photography), 229–232, 234–236
Levin, Carl, and: McCarthyism, 275–277, 279
Levine, Arthur E., (photo), 69; and: teaching fellowships, Woodrow
Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, 69; involvement of
states as partners, 70; teacher assessments, 71; state-by-state
strategy, 72
Liguori, Ralph, 62
Lincoln University, 225
LindseyWilson College, 194
Lindsey, Chuck, and: faculty contracts, Florida Gulf Coast
University, 21, 23, 24
Linfield College, and: private donations to fill budget gaps, 176
Lingenfelter, Paul, and: advantages of state aid over institutional aid,
154; tuition in Colorado, 155; Illinois’ “Truth in Tuition” plan,
Listhaus, Aaron, 64, 67
Liu, Carol, (photo), 123; and: Charles Reed, 123
LondonMetropolitan University, 235
London School of Economics, and: proportion of graduate students,
London South Bank University, 230
Longanecker, David, and: hype surrounding establishment of WGU,
46; learning fromWGU’s example, 47; Rio Salado College, 76;
establishment of UCMerced, 136; lack of urgency in California,
137; need for state-level performance measures, 139; Colorado’s
higher education voucher plan, 151, 154, 156; tuition flexibility
in Colorado, 155
Lorain County Community College, and: Ohio joint degree
program, 184
Lord Browne of Madingley, 235
lottery revenues: as funding source for Georgia’s HOPE scholarship
program, 167–171; as funding source for Oregon’s Opportunity
Grant program, 173; as funding source for Florida’s Bright
Futures program, 215; and regressive aspect of, 297, 299
Lowenhaupt, Tom, 82
Loyola College inMaryland, 29
Lubbers, Teresa, and: WGU Indiana, 53
Lumina Foundation for Education, and: WGU Indiana, 51, 53;
Virginia higher education, 86; Achieving the Dreamprogram,
86; Complete College Tennessee Act, 147; grant to Ohio, 147;
Obama administration graduation initiative, 256; national goal
for degree attainment, 305
Lustig, Jeff, and: CaliforniaMaster Plan for Higher Education, 137
MacCraith, Brian, (photo), 244; and: support for commercially
oriented academic research, 245
Maeroff, Gene I., on: online learning, and tailoring college to the
needs of working adults, 291–293
Major, John, and: imposition of tuition in England, 235
Making the Middle Class: Don’t let the recession fool you—
postsecondary education is more valuable than ever
2010) (Anthony P. Carnevale andMichelle Melton), 321–323
Male Share of Bachelor’s Degrees by State: 2002
(chart), 118
Male Share of Higher Education Enrollments: 1929 to 2002
Maloney, Ed, 166
Manchester Metropolitan University, 234
Manchin, Joe, and: college completion initiative, 307
Mann, Michael, 128
Manning, Sylvia, and: guaranteed tuition, 162
Mantel, Fabian, (photo), 11; and: Frank LloydWright School of
Architecture, 11, 14
Marcus, Jon, on: Olin College, 25–31; Northern Kentucky
University, 125–128; Ohio, and reform of public higher
education, 181–185; Virginia, and impact of economic
downturn on public education, 187–190; Florida, and changes
in governance of public education, 197–202; Florida, and
increased demand for higher education in a time of budget
cuts, 213–216; California’s budget problems, and huge fee
increases at public universities, 217–220; New York public
university systems, overcrowding and lack of funding, 221–224;
British Universities, and new tuition polices, 229–232; British
universities, and massive fee increases, 233–236; Ireland, and
benefits from investing heavily in higher education, 237–242;
Ireland, and the effect of economic downturn, 243–248; Obama
administration, and higher education policy, 249–256
Margulies, Lynn, 276
Maricopa Community College District, and: Rio Salado College,
73–77, 92
Marmon, Linda, (photo), 109; and: University of NewMexico
Graduation Project, 110, 111
Marshall University, 307
Martinez, Monica, 59
Math Emporium, and: use of technology in large-enrollment
classes, 93; Virginia Tech, 95–98
Math Emporium: The use of technology has changed the way Virginia
Tech’s introductory math classes are taught
(winter 2005) (Kay
Mills), 95–98
Math Instruction at Virginia Tech: Update
(May 2008) (Todd Sallo),
Matterson, John (photography), 233
Matthews, Dewayne, and: performance-based funding in
Tennessee, 147
Matthews, Peter (photography), 237–247
Maxey, James, and: gender imbalance in advanced degrees, 116, 118
Maxwell, David, and: South Carolina’s 29 measures, 142
May, Joe, and: Colorado’s higher education voucher plan, 154, 155
Mayo Clinic, and: University of Minnesota Rochester, 40–43