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Natalicio, Diana S., and: El Paso Collaborative for Academic
Excellence, 58–62; (photo), 59
National Academy of Engineering, 27, 193
National Academy of Sciences, 276
National Alliance of Community and Technical Colleges, 88
National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), and: Frank
LloydWright School of Architecture, 11, 12
National Association for College Admission Counseling, 118, 310
National Association of College and University Business Officers,
145, 189, 190
National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities
(NAICU), and: opposition to national student database, 107;
tuition increases at private colleges, 190; student-loan reform
251; money spent on federal lobbying, 253
National Association of State Student Grant and Aid Programs, and:
survey of need-based student aid, 165; financial aid program in
Indiana, 177
National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT), and:
WGU, 46; national program for online instruction, 92; Cal Poly
Pomona, 93; Virginia Tech’s Math Emporium, 95, 97; Tennessee
community colleges, course redesigns, 99, 101, 102
National Center for Higher EducationManagement Systems
(NCHEMS), 46, 89, 92, 94, 129, 148; and: insufficient
state support for Colorado public colleges, 160; 174, 192;
and: Kentucky higher education reform, 194; Obama
administration’s graduation initiative, 252
National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, and:
state-by-state report cards, 139; Tennessee’s failing grade in
affordability, 147; college attendance in Colorado, 152; Illinois’
top ranking in
Measuring Up 2000
, 165; dramatic tuition
increases over 25 years, 190; the college-readiness problem, 267;
determinants of the success of institutions, 307; collaboration
with Public Agenda, 315
National Competitiveness Council of Ireland, 237
National Governors Association, 307
National Longitudinal Study, 264
National Science Foundation (NSF), and: reform of engineering
education, 27; graduate research fellowships, 29; El Paso
Collaborative for Academic Excellence, 57, 61; rankings, federal
funds for research, 193, 195; Science Foundation Ireland, 240,
National University of Ireland, Galway, 238–241, 246
National University of Ireland, Maynooth, 239, 246, 248
Navarro, M. Susana, (photo), 58; and: El Paso Collaborative for
Academic Excellence, 58–62
Neace, Amanda, (photo), 127; and: changes at North Kentucky
University, 128
Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute, and: use of performance measures
by states, 142; 146
Nelson, Robin (photography), 125, 167
Nester, Amanda, (photo), 180
Neuhauser, Claudia, (photo), 40; and: University of Minnesota
Rochester, 39, 40, 43
New Campus Still Faces Obstacles: After being postponed for a year,
UCMerced hopes to open in fall 2005
(spring 2004) (William
Trombley), 33–38
New River Community College, 86, 87
New Teacher Education: WoodrowWilson National Fellowship
Foundation program brings change, one state at a time
2010) (Susan C. Thomson), 69–72
New York University (NYU), 222, 224, 286
Nguyen, Que Anh, and: National Science Foundation graduate
research fellowship, 29
Niagara County Community College, 99
Nickel, Shelley, and: financial pressure on HOPE scholarship
program, 168, 171; (photo), 171
Nietzel, Michael, and: budget cuts, Kentucky higher education, 192
Nixon, Richard, and: Keynesian economics, 271
Nolan, Philip, (photo), 246; and: choices for Irish universities to
rebound, 248
Noland, Brian, on: creating a sustainable public agenda for higher
education, 305–307
North Carolina New Schools Project, 67
North Carolina State University, 103
North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and:
accreditation of Frank LloydWright School of Architecture, 9,
11, 12; approval of master’s degree programs at Metropolitan
State College of Denver, 132; accreditation of American
InterContinental University, 254; accreditation of University of
Phoenix, 287
Northeast Ohio Technology Coalition, 182
Northeast State Community College, 100
Northeastern Illinois University, and: part-time students, 162;
tuition policy, 164
Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and
Pharmacy, and: partnership with University of Akron, 184
Northern Illinois University, 165
Northern Kentucky University (NKU), and: community
engagement, 125–128, 194; funding under Bucks for Brains
program, 193, 195, 196
Northup, Steve (photography), 3
Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, and:
accreditation of Western Governors University, 47
Nosek, Stan, and: faculty salaries, 189; efficient use of facilities, 189;
raising tuition and aid, 190
Not Ready for College: States must have a systemic, comprehensive
agenda for college preparation
(December 2010) (David Spence),
Novak, Richard, and: governing board in Florida to establish higher
education policy, 201, 202
O’Bannon, Frank, 180
O’Connell, Jack, and: Charles Reed, 121
O’Neil, Robert M., on: Academic freedom, and effects of anti-
terrorismmeasures on higher education, 275–279
O’Reilly, Bill, and: defense of academic freedom, 277; opposition to
Ward Churchill, 285
O’Riordan, Megan, and: Ireland, effect of austerity measures on
students, 244, 247
Obama, Barack, and: WoodrowWilson teaching fellowships, 72;
support for community colleges, 85; increasing the number
of college graduates in U.S., 224; (photo), 249, 250; higher
education policy in first two years of administration, 249–256;
direct student loans, 251; loan-subsidy savings for community
colleges, 251; American Graduation Initiative, 251; “gainful-
employment” rule, 252; Margaret Spellings, 253; increased
federal oversight of higher education, 254, 255; College Access
and Completion Fund, 255; 2009 fiscal stimulus package, 272,
Obergfell, Dennis, 178
Obrecht, Paul, and: St. John’s College, 5
Odell, Margaret, and: St. John’s College, 8
Office for Fair Access (OFFA), and: financial aid for low-income
students in England, 232, 235
Ohio Business Roundtable, 182
Ohio Skills Bank, 184
Ohio State University, and: limited faculty support for academic
technology, 21; emphasis on science and engineering, 34; 35;
WoodrowWilson Teaching Fellowship program, 72; response
to economic recession, 181; 183; cooperation with Ohio
University, 184; renovated library, 185; faculty salaries, 193