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University System of Ohio, and: collaboration among Ohio’s
universities, 181; Governor Ted Strickland, executive order
creating the system, 212
An Unknown Quantity: Olin College students, faculty and
administrators create an innovative new university from scratch
(spring 2002) (JonMarcus), 25–31
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and: Florida Gulf Coast University,
19; University of California, 33; “clean water” permit for UC
Merced, 36
U.S. Department of Education.
Department of Education, U.S.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and: case of Waskar Ari,
academic freedom, 277
U.S Fish andWildlife Service, and: Florida Gulf Coast University,
19, 36
U.S. News &World Report
, annual college rankings, and: Berea
College, 16; University of Georgia, 168; University System of
Maryland, 211
U.S. Open University, 77
U.S. Supreme Court, and: ruling on state voucher programs, 152
USA PATRIOT Act, and: Senator Russ Feingold’s vote against, 275;
Ohio General Assembly, 278; effect on research, 279; Business
Records provision, 279
USC (University of Southern California), 29, 260
Utah Partnership Foundation, and: establishment of early colleges
in Utah, 67
Van Dyke, Jim, and: Rio Salado College, 73; assigning college credit
to existing programs, 74; use of sales terminology, 75; (photo),
Vandal, Bruce, and: customized approach to developmental
courses, 100
Vander Ark, Tom, and: Bill &Melinda Gates Foundation, early
colleges, 67, 68; (photo), 68
Vanderbilt University, 29, 193
Vasquez, Freddie, and: El Paso Collaborative for Academic
Excellence, 57
Vedder, Richard, and: presidential salaries, increase in non-teaching
staff, 188; intercollegiate athletics, 189; efficient use of facilities,
productivity of faculty, 189
Vesper, Nick, and: State Student Assistance Commission, Indiana,
Vetting, Matthew, and: Virginia Tech’s Math Emporium, 96
Vincennes University, and: Alison Barber, 54; cooperative
arrangement with Ivy Tech, 180
Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), and: three-tiered
system for Virginia institutions, 205; smaller endowment,
lower-income students, than at UVA, 206; designation as Level
III school, 206; John Bennett, 207
The Virginia Plan: State’s community colleges confront the need to do
more with less
(December 2010) (Robert A. Jones), 85–88
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and University.
Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech, and: use of technology in redesign of linear
algebra course, 93; individualized learning process, 94; Math
Emporium, 95–98; proposed charter status, freedom to
raise tuition, 203; autonomy under state’s higher education
restructuring, 205, 206; designation as Level III school, 206
Virginia Tries Restructuring: Financial stress leads to new
arrangements between state and campuses
(summer 2005)
(Robert A. Jones), 203–208
Virginia’s community college system, 85–88
Virginia’s Restructuring Is a “Work in Progress”: Update
(April 2008)
(WilliamTrombley), 206–207
Vivona, Joseph, 209
vocational training: at LaGuardia Community College, nursing
programs, 83; and expanded programs at Virginia community
colleges, 85; at East Carolina University, 106; and eligibility
of students for Colorado’s College Opportunity Fund, 159; at
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, 177; and the Ohio
Skills Bank, regional workforce initiative, 184; and Obama
administration’s “gainful-employment” rule, 252, 253
Volcker, Paul, and: monetary policy, 271
Votruba, James, (photo), 125; and: North Kentucky University as a
lynchpin of regional economic development, 125, 127; AASCU
task force on public engagement, 126; institutional pursuit of
prestige, 127; community engagement strategy, 128, 194; future
of the Kentucky postsecondary reformmovement, 195; creative
use of limited funds, 196
W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and: funding for early colleges, 68;
funding for WoodrowWilson Teaching Fellowship program, 72
Wade, John, and: University of Minnesota Rochester, 41
Walker, Tony, and: Frank LloydWright School of Architecture, 9
Walton, Kathi, and: WoodrowWilson teaching fellowships, 71
Wang, Xiaoping, and: redesigning developmental courses, 100;
(photo), 101
Ward, Caitlin, and: Ivy Tech, 180
Ward, David, and: Charles Reed, 122
Ward, Sandy, and: WGU Indiana, 55
Warner, Mark, and: Virginia legislation reconfiguring the
relationship between campuses and state, 203; (photo), 204;
management agreements, 204; coalition with Republican
leadership in legislature, 205; concept of “base adequacy,” 206;
predicting a favorable outcome for the institutions and the state,
Washington Post
, 253, 321
Washington Post Company, owner of Kaplan, and: money spent on
federal lobbying, 253
Washington State University, 98
Waterous, Frank, (photo), 157; and: skepticism about Colorado’s
higher education funding plan, 157; increasing the stipend for
students, 159; future funding discussions, 160
Way, Barbara J., and: course redesign at Cal Poly Pomona, 90, 91;
(photo), 91
Wayne State University, and: WoodrowWilson Teaching Fellowship
program, 72; Jack Kay, 113
Weaver, Scott (photography), 57–62
Webb, Michael, and: Early College Initiative, 66, 67
Weils, Gail W. (photo), 126; community engagement at North
Kentucky University, 127
Weiner, Steve, and: California, lack of leadership for education, 136;
Campaign for College Opportunity, 140
Weisbuch, Robert, 67
Welch, Peggy, and: questions about establishment of WGU Indiana,
Wellman, Jane, and: tracking savings from online education, 90;
decreasing resistance to educational technology, 93; shrinking
state appropriations per student, 226
Welsh, Marcia G., (photo), 141; and: time and cost of instituting
performance-based budgeting in South Carolina, 146
Wendler, Walter V., (photo), 162; and: opposition to Illinois’ Truth
in Tuition law, 162
The West Virginia Experience: Creating a sustainable public agenda
for higher education
(May 2011) (Brian Noland), 305–307
West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, 305
West Virginia University, and: investment in applied science and
research, 307
Western Association of Schools and Colleges, 136
Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications, 75
Western Governors University (WGU), 45–50; WGU Indiana,