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proposals to postpone UCMerced, 33; state budget cuts, 35;
spending for new research facilities, 36; allocation of resources
to UC campuses, 38.
See also
Cal State
California University of Pennsylvania, and: privatization, and
diminishing state support, 225–228
California Cal Grant program, and: rise in number of recipients,
218; income requirements, 298
Callan, PatrickM., on: Clark Kerr (interview), 259–261
Callender, Claire, and: criticism of British tuition fees, 230–232;
(photo), 230
Caltech, 31, 260
Cambridge, University of, and: new tuition fees at British
universities, 229–231; enrollment of foreign students, 231; role
of universities in society, 232; elite British universities charging
maximum tuition, 235; John Sperling, 289
Cambridge University Student Union, 230
Campaign for College Opportunity, 140, 218
Campbell, Don, on: East Carolina University, efforts to improve
retention and graduation rates, 103–108; HOPE scholarship,
Georgia, financial difficulty, 167–171
Campbell, Kathy, 173, 174; (photo), 174
Campbell, Linda, (photo), 63; 67
Canning, Anna, 3, 4
Carden, Allen, 38
Cardiff University, 232
Career Education Corporation, and: money spent on federal
lobbying, 253
Caret, Robert, 210
Carey, James, and: St. John’s College, 3–6; (photo), 4
Carlson, Don, and: higher education vouchers, 156
Carnegie Foundation, 68, 70
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 27, 125
Carnegie Mellon University, 227, 313
Carnevale, Anthony P., and: West Virginia’s need to produce more
college graduates, 305; on: value of postsecondary education,
Carroll, Joseph, 244; (photo), 245
Carson, Ron, 192
Carter, Margaret, 176
Carter, Mary Ann (photography), 51–55
Cartwright, Carol, 182, 183; (photo), 183
Carullo, Julie, 145
Casey, Effi, 11, 13
Cate, Mark, 150
Cavanaugh, John, and: politics in Florida higher education, 197;
relationships between universities and community colleges, 202
Colorado Commission on Higher Education
The Celtic Tiger: Ireland invests heavily in higher education, and
benefits mightily
(winter 2007) (JonMarcus), 237–242
Cencich, John R., and: online learning at California University of
Pennsylvania, 227
Center for Academic Enrichment and Allied Health, and: East
Carolina University, 106
Center for Academic Transformation.
National Center for
Academic Transformation
Center for PublicHigher Education Trusteeship andGovernance, 202
Center for Responsive Politics, and: lobbying by for-profit higher
education sector, 253
Center for Studies in Higher Education, 135
Center for the Study of Education Policy, 160
Center for the Study of Higher Education, at the University of
Virginia, 47
Center for the Study of Higher Education at Pennsylvania State
University, 153, 170, 171, 226, 254
Center on Education and theWorkforce at Georgetown University,
and: U.S. demand for college-educated workers, 251
Central Valley Higher Education Consortium, 38
Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices
(CRANN), 244, 245
Chadron State College, and: licensing of course materials toWGU,
Chait, Richard, 22, 23
Changing the Subject: Costs, graduation rates and the importance of
rethinking the undergraduate curriculum
(May 2010) (Robert
Zemsky and Joni Finney), 301–303
Charles B. Reed: Cal State chancellor strives to promote quality and
diversity in the nation’s largest four-year college system
2006) (KathyWitkowsky), 121–124
Charlton, C.H., 100
Chattanooga State Community College, 102
Chemeketa Community College, and: licensing of course materials
toWGU, 47; Oregon Opportunity Grants, 173, 174; effort to
qualify for matching foundation grants, 176
Cherry, David, and: St. John’s College, 7
Chicago State University, and: rising tuition in Illinois, and six-year
graduation rate, 164
Chichester, John H., (photo), 203; and: higher education
restructuring in Virginia, 204, 208
Chirito, Ricardo, (photo), 215; and: attending Miami Dade College,
Christopher, Katy, 4
Chronicle of Higher Education
, and: El Paso Collaborative for
Academic Excellence, 59; effect of recessions on U.S. higher
education, 272; treatment of adjunct faculty, 285; lack of a
consistent definition of a bachelor’s degree, 288; online learning
programs, 293; state funding of merit scholarships via lotteries,
299; the value of a college education, 321
Churchill, Ward, and: dismissal fromUniversity of Colorado, 276,
277; academic freedom, 285
City College of New York, 131, 278
City University of NewYork (CUNY), and: LaGuardia Community
College, 79; foreign students, 80; Mayor Giuliani, 82; increasing
enrollment, 221; lowdegree completion rate, 222; plummeting
budgets, cuts in state aid, 222; rise in applicants from suburbs,
222; resignation of Governor Eliot Spitzer, 223; fundraising
efforts, 224; predictable tuition hikes, 224; academic freedom, 276
CLARITY (research center at Dublin City University), 244, 245
Clark, Amanda, 45; (photo), 49
Clark, David, and: LaGuardia Community College, 65
Clegg, Nick, (photo), 234; and: support for raising British university
fees, 234
Clemson University, 142
Clendenin, Larry, and: St. John’s College, 7
Cleveland State Community College, and: redesign of
developmental math courses, 99, 101, 102; Bellwether Award,
101; computer-assisted developmental courses, 148; adoption of
outcome funding, 149
Cleveland State University, and: collaboration with other
institutions, joint degree programs, 184
Clinton administration, and: direct federal lending to students, 250;
State Student Incentive Grant, 297
Clinton, Bill, and: 1992 election, 211
Clooney, George, and: Northern Kentucky University, 128
“The Closing Gateway” (1993), report published by National Center
for Public Policy and Higher Education, and Public Agenda,
Coastal Carolina University, and: performance-based budgeting,
141, 144, 146
Coates, Dennis, 210
College Opportunity Fund
Cogill, Tom (photography), 103–108, 122, 187, 188, 190, 205, 207,