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University of Colorado system
University of Colorado at Boulder
Cummings, Laura, and: WoodrowWilson teaching fellowships,
Cunningham, Alisa Federico, 254
Cunningham, Cecelia, (photo), 64; and: early colleges, 66, 67;
Middle College National Consortium, 67
City University of New York
Cureton, Deborah, 144
Curry School of Education, at the University of Virginia, 162, 204
Cuyahoga Community College, and: joint degree programs in
Ohio, 184
Daniels, Mitch, (photo), 51, 71; and: establishment of WGU
Indiana, 51, 52; Lumina Foundation for Education,
53; promoting online competency-based educational
opportunities, 53; Indiana’s interest inWoodrowWilson
teaching fellowships, 70; expanding the Indiana fellowship
program, 72
Daramola, Wumi, 80; (photo), 82
Daring to be Different: Rio Salado College has won a reputation as
both outcast and innovator
(spring 2001) (Pamela Burdman),
The Dark Side of Merit Aid: Funding for merit programs has greatly
expanded, often at the expense of need-based financial aid
(winter 2001) (Donald E. Heller), 297–299
Davey, Kathleen, and: resistance among faculty to distance learning,
21; (photo), 22
Davies, Gordon K., and: Kentucky’s Council on Postsecondary
Education, 191, 192; “mission creep” among colleges, 192
Davila, Maria, (photo), 221; and: tuition increases at SUNY, 222
Davis, Angela, 285
Davis, Heather, and: St. John’s College, 5, 6
Davis, Leroy, 144
Day, Hee Yeon, and: Colorado’s higher education voucher plan, 157;
(photo), 160
Day, Ron, 170
Dublin City University
De Genova, Nicholas, and: academic freedom, 277
de los Santos, Jr., Alfredo, and: Rio Salado College, 73
Deaton, Russ, 149
DeBoe, John, 178
Delaney, John, 201
Delta Project on Postsecondary Education Costs, Productivity and
Accountability, and: proportion of university spending that goes
toward instruction, 188
Dempsey, Liz, 65
Denver University, and: Colorado’s higher education voucher plan,
Department of Education, U.S. (also, Education Department), and:
proportion of tenured faculty at four-yearinstitutions, 22; WGU
grant, 46; El Paso Collaborative for Academic Excellence, 57;
teachers leaving the profession, 72; national student database,
107; percentage of advanced degrees awarded to women, 116,
117; adult basic literacy programs, 183; allocation of stimulus
funds in Pennsylvania, 225; incentive payments to student
recruiters, 250; measures and standards, 250; job training, 251;
debt-to-income regulations, deceptive marketing, 252, 253;
gainful-employment measure, 253; credit hour definition, 254
Department of Education, Ireland, and: research and development
budget, 238
Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, and: Irish
universities, 240, 241
Desch, Mike, 193
Desrochers, Lindsay, and: UCMerced, 34, 38
developmental education.
remedial education
Devlin, Richard, and: Oregon education budget, 176
Devlin, Tim, and: WoodrowWilson teaching fellowship, 71, 72
DiCroce, Deborah, and: job training programs at Tidewater
College, 87; (photo), 88
Digiovanni, Anthony F., and: online education, 291
Diminishing State Support: Pennsylvania reduces state aid amid
relentless tuition hikes and record enrollments
(December 2009)
(Kay Mills), 225–228
Dingel, Molly, and: interdisciplinary curriculum at University of
Minnesota Rochester, 43
DiPaula, James C., 209
DiPietro, Joseph, (photo), 148; and: Tennessee’s outcome-funding
system, 150
Director, Stephen, 27
distance education: at Florida Gulf Coast University, 20, 21; and
Western Governors University, 45–50; and Rio Salado College,
73, 75, 76; and transmitting courses from one college to
another, in Virginia, 87; and redesigned courses at Rio Salado
College, 93; and course offerings through University System
of Maryland’s University College, 211; and profit-making
activity in higher education, 281, 282.
See also
online learning,
Distance Education Training Council, and: accreditation of WGU,
diversity: at Frank LloydWright School of Architecture, 12; at
Berea College, 16; among contract faculty at Florida Gulf
Coast University, 23; at Bard High School Early College, 65;
at LaGuardia Community College, 79, 83, 84; in Cal State
enrollment, 121; and Kentucky’s Vision 2015 plan, 127; in
California higher education, 139; at Miami Dade, 214; and
difficulty of attracting diverse student body as tuitions rise,
228; and foreign students at Bournemouth University, 231; and
England’s Office for Fair Access, 232; and expected declines
at British universities as tuition rises, 233.
See also
Dixon, Clifton, and: rising tuition, 224
Does California’s Master Plan Still Work? Separate higher education
systems pursue different mandates, while participation and
graduation rates decline
(July 2008) (Pamela Burdman),
Donnelly, Michael, and: Colorado’s higher education voucher plan,
Dorgan, Sean, 244; (photo), 247
Douglass, John, and: the decline of public education in California,
Doyle, Evan, and: student involvement in University of Minnesota
Rochester, 41, 43; (photo), 42
Drummond, Marshall, and: California community college system,
136, 139, 140
Dublin City University (DCU), and: biomedical research,
commercialization, 244; university status, 245; interdisciplinary
research center, 245; college rankings, 246; 247, 248
DuBois, Glenn, (photo), 85; and: Virginia’s community college
system, 85; the need to do more with less, 85; state funding, 86;
assessing and handling unprepared students, 86; technology in
higher education, 87; student advising online, 88; high school
outreach, 88
Duffield, Pam, 163
Duke University, 286
Dunbar, Robert, and: University of Minnesota Rochester, 41, 42;
interdisciplinary approach, 43
Duncan, Arne, (photo), 252; 254
Dunning, Jasmine, 236
Duran, Benjamin T., and: non-English-speaking parents, UC
Merced, 37; (photo), 38