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Cohen, Robert, and: use of federal stimulus funds at Metropolitan
State College of Denver, 129, 132
collaboration: among departments at UCMerced, 34; among
faculty and departments at University of Minnesota Rochester,
40, 41; and El Paso Collaborative for Academic Excellence, 57–
62; and New York’s Bard College, 64; between North Kentucky
University and surrounding region, 126; among institutions
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181–184; among Kentucky universities, reform legislation, 191,
196; and competition among Florida’s public universities, 202;
among New York universities, 224; and competition among
Irish universities, 238, 239; between industry and Dublin City
University, 244, 245; between Obama administration and
foundations, 256; andWisconsin Technical College System,
291; between industry andWest Virginia colleges, 307.
See also
A Collaborative for Academic Excellence: El Paso’s partnership
program boasts impressive gains in student performance
1999) (WilliamTrombley), 57–62
College Access and Completion Fund, and: opposition to Obama
administration proposal, 255
College Access Challenge Grants, and: low-income students, 255
College Board, The, and: upsurge in Pell grants due to tuition
increases, 251; uniformK–16 standards, 263; College Board
Pacesetters as substitute for SAT I, 265; income disparity in
college attendance, 298
College Foundation of West Virginia, 306
College of Charleston, 141, 146
The College of Her Choice: Update
(August 2007) (Anne C. Roark),
College of William andMary, and: cuts in state appropriations, 187;
budget cuts, 188; required fee for intercollegiate athletics, 189;
faculty salaries, 189; construction on campus, 189; students
from out of state, 190; cost of attending, 190; higher education
restructuring in Virginia, 203–208
College Opportunity Fund (COF), and: Colorado’s higher
education voucher plan, 155, 157, 158; student access, 159
College Presidents, or CEOs? Presidential pay is escalating at a time
when institutions are cutting budgets
(summer 2004) (Robert
Atwell), 295–296
Collins, Tim, 230
Colorado College, 159
Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE), and:
Colorado’s higher education voucher plan, 151, 152, 154, 160
Colorado Community College system, 155, 158, 159
Colorado Department of Higher Education, and: declining
enrollment of low-income students, 155
Colorado State University (CSU), and: mission grants, 153; tuition
flexibility, 153; financial aid, 154; higher education voucher
plan, 157
Colorado Student Association, and: higher education voucher plan,
Colorado Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR), and: limits on growth
in state spending, 151, 156–160; tuition flexibility, 153–155
Colorado’s “Grand Experiment”: Voucher program could give
the state’s colleges a new lease on life
(spring 2003) (Pamela
Burdman), 151–156
Colorado’s Voucher Program: Update
(July 2008) (William
Trombley), 155
Coltrane, Geoff, and: early colleges, 67
Columbia State Community College, and: redesigned reading and
writing courses, 102
Columbia University, 65, 69; and: cost-saving collaboration with
New York University (NYU), 224; academic freedom, 275, 277,
278, 285
Columbia University Teachers College, and: Arthur Levine, 69;
online continuing education for teachers, 293
Columbus State Community College, and: collaboration with Ohio
University, joint degree program, 184
Comins, Michael, 199; (photo), 202
“The Commercialization of Higher Education” (2003), by Derek
Bok, Princeton University Press, 281
Commission for Higher Education, Indiana, 51, 53, 177, 179, 180
Commission on the Future of Higher Education (Spellings
Commission), 47; and: calls for more accountability in higher
education, 254; Robert Zemsky, 256
Common Core State Standards, 267, 268
Community College Futures Assembly, 101
Community College of Beaver County, 225, 227
Complete College America, and: degree completion in Tennessee,
Complete College Tennessee Act, 147, 148, 150
Complete to Compete, 307
completion: and community college baccalaureate degrees, 77;
and efforts at East Carolina University, 103–108; and six-
year standard for, 103, 107; and University of NewMexico’s
Graduation Project, 109–113; and low rates for male students,
117; and low rates in California, 136, 137, 139; and part-time
students, 137; and California Master Plan’s emphasis on access,
138; and efforts in Tennessee to improve rates, Complete
College Tennessee Act, 147; and low rates in Kentucky, 194; and
efforts at University System of Maryland to improve, 211; and
federal stimulus funds, 251; rates at community colleges, 252;
and Obama administration policy, 255; and efforts of Lumina
Foundation and Gates Foundation, 256; and overemphasis on
access, 263, 265; and college preparation, 269; and lack of recent
improvement in rates, 273; and wealth, location and ethnicity of
enrolled students, 301; and growing state and federal focus on,
305; and efforts inWest Virginia to increase degree production,
306, 307; and detrimental effect of inequitable distribution of
resources on, 323.
See also
attainment, graduation rates
Cone, Chris (photography), 126–128
Cone, Patrick (photography), 45–50
Congressional Budget Office, and: subsidies to banks that provide
student loans, 251
Connelly, Julianna, (photo), 25; and: Olin College, 26, 30, 31
Cook, Philip, and: state lotteries, 299
Coppin State University, 210–212
Cordero, Arellana, 109, 113
Cornell University, 27, 29, 30, 187; and: for-profit online program,
eCornell, 291
Cornwell, Christopher, and: economic efficiency of HOPE
scholarships, 168, 171
Corporate Associates Program, and: online instruction, 92
Costello, Ned, 240, 241
Coulter, Colin, 248
Council for Industry and Higher Education, and: the value of
higher education, 232
Council of Chief State School Officers, 115
Council of University System Faculty, 210
Council on Higher Education, Virginia, 203
California Postsecondary Education Commission
Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and
California State Student Association
Crist, Charlie, and: differential tuition increases at Florida
universities, 200; “premium tuition increase” at largest public
universities, 215; lobbying by businesses, 216
Crocker, Jack, and: support of interdisciplinary studies at Florida
Gulf Coast University, 19, 23; prospects for the future, 24
Colorado State University