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Durant, Ivonne, and: El Paso Collaborative for Academic
Excellence, 57; parental involvement, 58; support from the
University of Texas-El Paso, 60
Durrans, Janet (photography), 119
Dymally, Mervyn, (photo), 122; and: Cal State outreach efforts,
Charles Reed, 123
Dynes, Robert, and: negotiations with Charles Reed, 123; six-
year higher education compact, 124; executive compensation
scandals, 136
Dyson, Arthur, and: Frank LloydWright School of Architecture,
early colleges: and El Paso Collaborative for Academic Excellence,
61; as a national trend, and examples of, 63–68
“Early Colleges”: Innovative institutions attempt to reshape the
transition from high school to college
(winter 2003) (Ron
Feemster), 63–68
“Early Colleges”: Update
(October 2008) (William Trombley),
Easley, Mike, 67
East Carolina University, and: retention and graduation rates,
East Carolina University: Update
(July 2008) (Todd Sallo), 106–107
Eastern Kentucky University, and: interest in offering doctorates in
education, 192; tuition increase, 196
Eastern Michigan University, and: WoodrowWilson Teaching
Fellowship program, 72; 130
EasternWashington University, 129, 156
Ebsen, Nicole, 157
Education Commission of the States (ECS), and: developmental
education, 99, 100
Education Policy Center, University of Alabama, 252
Education Sector, 250, 255
Education Trust, The, and: partnerships between K–12 and higher
education, 62; East Carolina University’s graduation rate, 103,
104; national student database, 107; institutional involvement
in student success, 107; analysis of K–16 assessments, 264
Edwards, Charles, 201
“Effectiveness and Efficiency”: The University System of Maryland’s
campaign to control costs and increase student aid
(spring 2006)
(Kay Mills), 209–212
Ehrlich, Robert Jr., and: Maryland higher education, 209–212
Eisenstadt, Bert, and: LaGuardia Community College writing
center, 81, 82
El Paso Collaborative for Academic Excellence, 57–62
El Paso Community College, 57–61
El Paso’s Collaborative: Update (June 2008
) (William Trombley),
Elifrits, Dale, and: faculty enthusiasm for community service, 127
Elliott, Richard, (photo), 79; and: LaGuardia Community College,
82, 83
Elman, Sandra, and: accreditation of WGU, 47, 50
Enduring Values, Changing Concerns: Increasing necessity and
declining availability of higher education creates a challenge for
many Americans
(October 2010) (John Immerwahr), 315–319
The Engaged University: Northern Kentucky University is building
closer links to its community
(fall 2008) (Jon Marcus), 125–128
Engel, Michelle, (photo), 180
Engler, John, and: Michigan Virtual Automotive College, 291
Enterprise Ireland, and: economic development, 241
Erickson, Rodney, and: diminishing support for higher education in
Pennsylvania, 226; tuition hikes, 228; (photo), 228
ESL (English as a Second Language), and: Rio Salado Community
College, 76; remedial English, 81; LaGuardia Community
College, 83; enrollment in, 84
Evans, Larry (photography), 161–166
Evergreen State College, The, and: faculty contracts, 22, 23
Everson, Mark, 55
Ewell, Peter, and: expectations for WGU, 46; systematic approach to
use of technology, 89, 90; reservations about online instruction,
92, 94; generational shift in use of technology, 93
An Experiment in Florida: Gulf Coast University tries faculty
contracts, no tenure
(spring 1999) (WilliamTrombley), 19–24
Eynon, Bret, and: LaGuardia Center for Teaching and Learning, 83
faculty contracts.
faculty workload: and faculty resignations at Florida Gulf Coast
University, 24; and lack of staff support, at UCMerced, 37;
and course redesigns, online instruction, 94; increased under
University System of Maryland’s “Effectiveness and Efficiency”
campaign, 209, 210; increased at Florida State University due
to budget cuts, 213; in Ireland, and government provision
specifying teaching hours, 247
Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Fairfield University, 89, 94
Farrell, James, 243
Faust, Terry L., and: Georgia’s HOPE scholarship, 168, 171
Federal Stimulus Funds Projects at Metropolitan State College of
(sidebar), 130
Fee, Gordon, 148
Feemster, Ron, on: early colleges, 63–68; LaGuardia Community
College, New York, 79–84
Ferguson, Steve, 177, 179
Festa, Conrad, 146
Florida Gulf Coast University
financial aid: cuts at California universities, 35; and eligibility of
distance education for federal funds, 49; andWGU Indiana,
53; and Virginia’s efforts to increase, 87; and advocacy by
Charles Reed, 123; and California’s minimal investment in,
138; and increases in tuition and fees, impact on low-income
students, 153; in Colorado, tuition increases and need-based
assistance, 154, 155; and impact of voucher system, 156; and
Georgia HOPE scholarships, 167; and complexity of federal
programs, 168; and emphasis on merit-based over need-based,
169, 170; and Oregon’s Opportunity Grants, 173; and record
numbers of students applying for, 174; and Oregon budget
cuts, 175, 176; and generous programs in Indiana, 177; in
Virginia, and increasing demand for, 187; and modest increase
during recession, 207; inMaryland, and increase in need-
based, 209; and urgency of increasing, 211, 212; in Florida,
and low availability of need-based, 215; in California, and
protection of Cal Grant program, 218; and challenges facing
New York, 221, 222; in Pennsylvania, and reductions in, 225,
227; in England, and increases for low-income students, 229,
230; as a tool for universities to attract desirable students, 232;
and British universities charging maximum tuition, 235; and
Obama administration policy, 249, 251, 252; and for-profit
institutions, admitting unqualified students, 252; and problems
with merit-aid systems, 297–299; inWest Virginia, and reform
of programs, 305, 306
Financial Challenges Oregon’s Opportunity Grant programmust
overcome new hurdles due to the recession
(March 2009) (Kathy
Witkowsky), 173–176
Fingerhut, Eric, and: University System of Ohio, 181; politics of
persuasion, 182; (photo), 182; ten-year plan, 183; joint degree
programs, 184; strategic leadership, 185
Finley, Don, 207
Finney, Joni, on: costs, graduation rates and the importance of
rethinking the undergraduate curriculum, 301–303
Fiske Guide to Colleges
, and: St. John’s College, 4