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proposed medical school at University of Central Florida, 197;
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Florida’s Public Universities andTheir Fall 2005 Enrollments
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for-profit education: andWestern Governors University, licensed
course materials, 47; and Rio Salado College, similarities
to University of Phoenix, 75; and part-time faculty, 75;
and mainstream universities, 190; and high-priced loans,
students who can’t afford public universities, 224; and Obama
administration policy, 249; and Education Department rules
governing recruitment, 250; as competitor to community
colleges, 252; and high default rate on student loans, charges
of fraud, new regulations, 252; and enrollment decline at
University of Phoenix, 253; and new rules governing definition
of a credit hour, 254; and John Sperling, University of Phoenix,
287–290; and Cornell University’s eCornell, 291; and popular
acceptance of online courses, 292; and teacher education
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Frank LloydWright Foundation, 9, 11, 12
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school’s unusual practices can be shocking
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Florida State University
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fundraising: and Berea College, 17, 18; and Cal State presidents, 124;
andMetropolitan State College of Denver’s in-house call center,
129; andOregon institutions seeking private donors to fill budget
gaps, 176; fromprivate foundations to exceed presidential salary
caps, 201; and involvement of CUNY faculty, 224; as a response
to reduced state spending, 226; at public and private institutions,
to build large endowments, 273; as part of the job of a university
president, 282, 295
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