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Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, and: budget cuts,
225; tuition increase, 226; record enrollment growth, 227
Performance-Based Budgeting: South Carolina’s new plan mired
in detail and confusion
(winter 1998) (WilliamTrombley),
performance budgeting: in Indiana, 53; in South Carolina, 141;
increasing popularity nationally, 142; and accountability, 142;
and “performance indicators,” 143; and fading interest in, 145;
and institutions bearing cost of program, 146; in Tennessee,
147–149; and competition among institutions for limited
funding, 150; based on outcomes, rather than enrollments, in
Ohio, 183; and lack of, in California, 220; and states with public
university funding tied to outcomes, 256
Pernsteiner, George, and: Oregon’s Opportunity Grant program,
173, 174; state budget cuts, failure to meet enrollment goals,
175, 176
Perry, Douglas, (photo), 128; and: North Kentucky University, 128
Peterson, Ray, (photo), 65; and: Bard High School Early College, 65
Pew Charitable Trusts, and: El Paso Collaborative for Academic
Excellence, 58, 61; Center for Academic Transformation, 89, 92,
94, 99; Math Emporium at Virginia Tech, 95
Pew Learning and Technology Program, 89
Phelan, Adele, (photo), 130; and: Metropolitan State College of
Denver, 130; preparing for budget cuts, 131; political downside
to self-sufficiency, 132
Philip, Abigail, 83
Phillips, John (photography), 73–77
Pierce, Nathan, and: early colleges in Utah, 67, 68
Pisa, Sheila, and: online instruction at Riverside Community
College, 92
“Plain Living”: Berea College makes a commitment to the welfare
of its students and its community
(summer 2004) (Robert A.
Jones), 15–18
Poisel, Jim, 26
Poisel, Joy, and: Olin College, 26; Fulbright Scholarship, 29
Policy Analysis for California Education, 135
Policy Center on the First Year of College, 112
Portch, Stephen R., (photo), 168; and: Georgia HOPE scholarship
program, 168, 171; need-based aid, 170
Porter, Dave, and: Berea College, 15; (photo), 18
Portland State University, 174, 176
Postsecondary Education Opportunity
, 115, 117
Powell, Carl, and: technology initiative at Metropolitan State
College of Denver, 130; political pushback, 131
Powers, Lisa, 225
preparation: of high school students and teachers, and El Paso
Collaborative for Academic Excellence, 58, 62; as a pervasive
problem in American higher education, 60; of teachers,
andWoodrowWilson Teaching Fellowship program, 72; in
Virginia, and remedial courses at community colleges, 85,
86; and blaming students for problems with retention and
completion; 107; and students who attend top-level institutions,
108; in California’s K–12 system, poor performance, 138;
and low levels at California community colleges, Cal-PASS
initiative, 139; and Cal State standards test for 11th graders,
139; and statewide high school requirements in Indiana, 177;
and Florida’s “seamless” K–20 system, 198; and support for
increased funding to middle schools, 256; and the high school
“senior slump,” 263, 264; and re-conceptualizing the senior year
to lead to postsecondary success, 265; and encouraging high
school accreditation by state governments, 266; and need for
comprehensive state agendas, readiness standards, 267; and
need for remediation, even among students who pass a college-
prep curriculum, 268; and effectiveness of K–12 teachers, 269;
and state accountability systems, 269; inWest Virginia, and
efforts to improve, 306
Prescott, Brian, and: Oregon’s Opportunity Grant program, 174
presidential compensation: in Florida, and ineffective legislative
attempts to limit, 201; and controversy over escalation of,
reasons for increases, 295, 296; as a focus of cost concerns, 303
The Presidential Treatment: The Obama administration makes
big advances, faces tough challenges, in higher education policy
(December 2010) (JonMarcus), 249–256
Preus, Camille, and: Oregon’s Opportunity Grant program, state
funding cuts, 175
Protopsaltis, Spiros, and: doubts about Colorado’s College
Opportunity Fund, 157, 159; (photo), 159
Pruitt, Ken, and: Florida higher education governance, 200, 201
Public Agenda, and: public opinion polling, university spending,
189; John Immerwahr, 301; series of studies on higher
education, 315; students who work and go to college, 316;
interviews with college presidents, 318
Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC); and: California state
spending per bachelor’s degree, 137; predicted shortfall of
educated workers, 219
Purdue University, 35; and: WoodrowWilson Indiana Teaching
Fellowship, 70–72; Stan Jones, 179; community colleges, 180
Purdue, Sonny, and: funding shortfall for HOPE scholarships, 170
Queens College (CUNY), 222
A Quiet Counterrevolution: St. John’s College teaches the classics—
and only the classics
(spring 1999) (KathyWitkowsky), 3–8
Quiñones, Lisa (photography), 64, 65, 79–84
Quintero, Alicia, 38
Race to the Top, and: Obama administration higher education
policy, 250, 255
Raines, Shirley, and: outcome-based approach to university
funding, 149
Rainey, Jack, and: cooperative education program at LaGuardia
Community College, 82
Ramadan, Tariq, and: denial of U.S visa, 277
Ramsey, Eryn, 74
Ramsey, James, and: Kentucky higher education reforms, 193
Ransdell, Gary, and: cooperation among public colleges in
Kentucky, 195
Recessions Past and Present: Higher education struggles with state
cuts, rising tuitions and a climate of uncertainty
(March 2009)
(DavidW. Breneman), 271–273
Redesigning the Basics: Tennessee’s community colleges use technology
to change their approach to developmental reading and math
(May 2010) (Kay Mills), 99–102
Reed, Catherine, and: Charles Reed, 122
Reed, Charles B., (photo), 121, 136, 217; (profile), 121–124;
and: stable leadership at Cal State University, 136; access
and completion, 138; remedial education, 139; advocacy
for increasing resources for higher education, 140; higher
education in California, competition for resources, 217; slashing
enrollments at Cal State in response to state budget cuts, 218;
no-confidence vote by faculty union, 219; labor unions, 220;
Title I funding for universities, 220; frustration with Bright
Futures scholarships, 298
Reed, Jessica, (photo), 180
Reed, Suellen, (photo), 178; and: Indiana Education Roundtable,
Regis University, and: Colorado’s College Opportunity Fund, 159
Reich, Robert, and: effect of market forces on U.S. higher education,
remedial education: and El Paso Collaborative for Academic
Excellence, placement test for 11th graders, 61; at LaGuardia