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Schloemann, Mark, (photo), 161
Schoellkopf, Jake (photography), 109–113
Scholastic Assessment Test.
Schwarzenegger, Arnold, and: UCMerced operating budget, 34;
state budget deficit, cuts to higher education, 35; elimination
of outreach efforts for UC and Cal State, 38; Charles Reed,
six-year higher education compact, 124; series of education
secretaries, 136; “compacts” between the state and universities,
138; proposed elimination of Cal Grant program, 218; warnings
from faculty about budget cuts, 219; veto of legislation on
foundation funding, 220
Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), and: investment in research, 240,
244; Technology Innovation Development Award program, 245
Scott, Jack, and: Charles Reed, lobbying efforts, 123, 136; becoming
chancellor of California Community Colleges, 140
The “Seamless System”: Florida’s flurry of dramatic changes in
the governance of public education
(fall 2006) (JonMarcus),
Searcey, Rod (photography), 9–14, 33–38, 121, 123, 219
Sebring, Amy, 207
SECME (Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering),
Segalova, Polina, and: National Science Foundation graduate
research fellowship, 29
The Senior Slump: Making the most of high school preparation
2000) (Michael W. Kirst), 263–266
Setzler, Nikki G., and: support for performance-based budgeting,
South Carolina, 141, 142, 145; (photo), 143
Sexton, John, 286
Shanghai Jiao Tong, and: rankings of world universities, 239, 246
Shapiro, Douglas T., 298
Shared Responsibility Model, and: Oregon’s Opportunity Grant
program, 173; funding by the Oregon Business Council, 176
Shay, Elaine (photography), 191, 193, 195, 196
Sheehy, Colette, and: Virginia higher education restructuring, 206
State Higher Education Executive Officers
Sheerman, Barry, 231
Sheheen, Fred R., and: South Carolina’s performance indicators,
143, 144; (photo), 146
Sheldon, Steve (photography), 63, 68
Shelton, Gregory, 27
Sheppard, Sheri, 27
Shields, Vanessa, and: University of NewMexico’s Graduation
Project, 109, 112; (photo), 113
Shimasaki, Dale, and: competition for funding between community
colleges and K–12 in California, 139
Shinn, Larry, and: Berea College, 15; growth of endowment, 17;
spending per student, 18
Shipley, Al, and: Rio Salado College, ratio of full-time to part-time
faculty, 76
Shipley, Suzanne, and: Regents Bachelor of Arts program, West
Virginia, 306
Short, Paula, (photo), 102; and: systemwide redesign of courses in
Tennessee, 102
Shulman, Lee, and: Olin College governing board, 27
Shulock, Nancy, and: California’s 1960Master Plan for Higher
Education, 137; compacts between universities and the state,
138; California’s higher education governance structure, 139;
state budget deliberations, 218; predicted shortfall of educated
workers, 219; lack of coordination among California’s higher
education systems, 220
Sidy, Victor, and: Frank LloydWright School of Architecture, 12
Siegel, Martha, (photo), 210; and: faculty workload increase, 210
Simmons, Hunter, and: Virginia Tech’s Math Emporium, 96
Simpson, Earl, 88
Skaggs, David, and: implementation of Colorado’s higher education
voucher program, 155
Skidmore College, 166
Slater, Gillian, and: objections to Britain’s top-up fee program, 231,
Smalls, John E., and: performance-based budgeting in South
Carolina, 142
Smeaton, Alan, (photo), 244; and: explaining scientific work to
general audiences, 245
Smith, Adam, and: monopoly, 289
Smith, Al, (photo), 108; and: East Carolina University, outreach to
high schools, 108
Smith, Bob, and: UCMerced, 33
Smith, Dana (photography), 281
Smith, Kris, and: retention efforts at East Carolina University, 105,
Smith, Michael, and: South Carolina performance indicators, 144
Smith, Phillip, (photo), 222; and: overcrowding on SUNY
campuses, 222; outreach to political and business leaders, 223,
Smith, Ron, and: Berea College fundraising, endowment, 18
Smith, Steve, 235
Smith, Vernon, (photo), 73; and: faculty at Rio Salado College, 76
Smolka, Jennifer, and: WGU, faculty mentors, 48, 49
Snyder, Tom, and: Ivy Tech, articulation agreement withWGU, 55
Somers, Ophelia, (photo), 216; and: overcrowding at Miami Dade
College, 216
Sosa, Oscar (photography), 202
South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, 141, 145
South Carolina State University, 144
South Carolina Statistics
(sidebar), 144
South Carolina’s 29 Steps
(sidebar), 143
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and:
accreditation of Florida Gulf Coast University, 22
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, 162, 163; and: increases in
tuition and mandatory fees, 164, 165
Southern Regional Education Board, (SREB), and: South Carolina,
expenditures for four-year institutions, 142; goals for graduation
rates, 256; efforts to improve college readiness, 267–269; college
completion initiative, 307
Souza, Pete (photography), 249
Spanier, Graham, and: privatization of American public higher
education, 225; (photo), 226; diminishing state support, 226,
228; fundraising efforts, 226; energy costs, 226
Spellings Commission.
Commission on the Future of Higher
Spellings, Margaret, and: political consulting firm, 253; Obama
administration policy, 253, 254
Spence, David, on: the need for states to have a comprehensive
agenda for college preparation, 267–269
Sperling, John G., (photo), 287; (interview), 287–290
Spilde, Mary, and: reductions in Oregon state aid, 175, 176
Spitzer, Eliot, and: resignation as governor of New York, 223
Spurlock, Janie, and: Kentucky higher education reform legislation,
191; challenges of re-entering college, 196
Squeeze Play 2007: How Parents and the Public Look at Higher
Education Today
, 315–317
Squeeze Play 2010: Continued Public Anxiety on Cost, Harsher
Judgments on How Colleges Are Run,
Squires, John, and: redesign of math courses at Cleveland State
Community College in Tennessee, 101, 102; (photo), 102
Southern Regional Education Board
St. John’s College, 3–8
St. John’s College: Update
(August 2007) (Todd Sallo), 7
Stanford Bridge Project, 265
Stanford University, 15, 27; and: Olin College graduates, 29; 35;
Leonore Annenberg Fellowship, 70; Michael Kirst, 104, 108;