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Western Governors University: Update
(July 2008) (Todd Sallo),
Western Illinois University, and: four-year tuition freeze for
incoming freshmen, 104, 161, 162
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, (WICHE),
and: David Longanecker, 46, 76, 136, 151, 155; declining
education level of Californians, 135; underfunding of California
colleges, 138; commissioned study of Colorado’s higher
education voucher program, 155; Don Carlson, 156; Brian
Prescott, 174
Western Kentucky University, and: duplication of programs at
nearby institutions, 127; increase in student fees to pay for
football budget, 128; interest in offering doctorates in education,
192; cooperation among Kentucky’s public campuses, 195
WesternMichigan University, and: WoodrowWilson Teaching
Fellowship program, 72; Judy Bailey, 106
Western Oregon University (WOU), Oregon Opportunity Grant
program, 174
Western State College of Colorado, and: state grants to rural
campuses, 153
Wetherell, T.K., (photo), 213; and: budget cuts, staff reductions,
increased teaching load, at Florida State University, 213;
consequences of political expediency, 214; proposal to increase
tuition, 215; concerns about articulation agreements between
universities and community colleges, 216
Western Governors University
Where the Boys Aren’t: For young males, the drift away from
academic achievement is a trend
(spring 2005) (Robert A.
Jones), 115–119
White House Summit on Community Colleges, 249, 252, 255
White, Tiffany, and: redesigned math program at Tennessee’s
Cleveland State Community College, 99; (photo), 100
Whiteside, Carol, and: UCMerced, economic spin-offs from
research at, 38
Wilcockson, Mark, and: retaining students whose tuition
guarantees have expired, 162; raising guaranteed tuition rates at
Northeastern Illinois University, 164; flat state appropriations,
public universities’ share of costs, 165; (photo), 166
Wildasin, David, 193
Wilde, Oscar, and: Trinity College, 239
Wiley, Aaron “Jack,” and: Colorado’s College Opportunity Fund,
157; (photo), 158
Willetts, David, (photo), 234; and: higher education as a personal
benefit, 234; replacing teaching grants with fees and loans, 236
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, 140
William andMary.
College of William andMary
Williams, Asia, 215
Williams, Mike, and: Virginia Tech’s Math Emporium, 97; (photo),
98; Comparing costs of traditional classroom teaching and
computer-based classes, 98
Williams, Robert, (photo), 131; and: Rightsizing with Technology
initiative, Metropolitan State College of Denver, 131
Wilson, JackM., and: online programs displacing most professional
graduate programs, 293
Wilson, Keith, (photo), 127; and: Northern Kentucky University,
Wimberly, Michol, 215, 216
Winchell, Walter, and: JosephMcCarthy, 277
Wisconsin Technical College System, and: establishment of a
collaborative online presence, 291
Witham, Carol, and: UCMerced campus, environmental criticism,
Witkowsky, Kathy, on: St. John’s College, 3–8; Frank Lloyd
Wright School of Architecture, 9–14; University of Minnesota
Rochester, and interdisciplinary approach to higher education,
39–43; Western Governors University, 45–50; WGU Indiana,
51–55; Allison Barber, chancellor of WGU Indiana (sidebar),
54; Charles B. Reed, Cal State chancellor, 121–124; Metropolitan
State College of Denver, and federal stimulus funding, 129–132;
Oregon Opportunity Grants, and economic downturn, 173–
176; Derek Bok (interview), 281–283
Woda, Susan, and: University System of Maryland’s “effectiveness
and efficiency” campaign, 209; (photo), 211
Wofford, Gail, and: Berea College, 16
Wolf, David, and: Campaign for College Opportunity, 140
WoodrowWilson National Fellowship Foundation, and:
establishment of early colleges, 67; new teacher education
program, 69–72
Woodruff, Diane, and: Basic Skills Initiative, California Community
Colleges, 139
Woodson, Jamie, (photo), 147; and: performance-based funding,
Complete College Tennessee Act, 150
The World’s Community College: Diversity in action at LaGuardia
(spring 2002) (Ron Feemster), 79–84
Wright, David, and: implementation of Complete College
Tennessee Act, 148
Wright, Frank Lloyd, 9–14
Wright, Jeff, and: establishment of UCMerced, 34; effort to increase
retention rate at engineering school, 35
Wright, Olgivanna, 10, 13
Wulf, William, and: Olin College governing board, 27
Wyatt, John, and: resignation as dean of Frank LloydWright School
of Architecture, 12
Wyrick, Karen, (photo), 99; and: failure of the lecture method of
teaching, 99; instructional videos, math course redesign at
Cleveland State College in Tennessee, 101, 102
Wyse, Duncan, and: Oregon Business Council, research on
Oregon’s Shared Responsibility Model, 176
Yale University, 232, 309
Yates, Al, and: tuition flexibility for Colorado universities, 153;
reservations about Colorado’s higher education voucher
program, 154; tracking low-income students into the
community colleges, 155; (photo), 156
York, E.T., and: Florida higher education governance, 99, 100
Younce, Teresa, and: improved access to bachelor’s degree programs
in Kentucky, 191, 196; (photo), 192
Young, Janet, and: UCMerced, 36
Yudof, Mark, and: naming as UC president, 140; reduction in state
allocations to California’s universities, 218; controversy over
perks and bonuses paid to administrators, 219; defense of huge
fee hikes, 219; faculty letter calling for closure of UCMerced,
220; policy paper calling for more federal support for public
higher education, 220
Zemsky, Robert, and: setting standards for higher education, 250;
(photo), 255; diverting Pell grant funds to middle schools, 256;
on: costs, graduation rates and the importance of rethinking the
undergraduate curriculum, 301–303
Zimmerman, Matt, and: Rio Salado College, online science labs, 75
Zimpher, Nancy, and: appointment as chancellor of SUNY, 223;
(photo), 224; proposed system of tuition increases and budgets,
Zingg, Paul, and: Charles Reed, 123, 124
Zumeta, William, and: institutional autonomy, 254; keeping
President Obama’s higher education strategy on track, 255
Zwick, Rebecca, and: tactics for achieving gender balance in
enrollment, 118; misuse of high-stakes tests, 298