About the National Center for Educational Accountability and the National Alliance of Business

For 35 years, the National Alliance of Business served the nation as the business organization focused solely on increasing student achievement and improving the competitiveness of the workforce. Its central purpose was to increase individuals' skills and knowledge mastery by working with employers, educators, training providers, coalitions, and policy makers to align the learning opportunities at all levels of the education and training system with the increasing demands of the knowledge economy.

The National Alliance of Business (NAB) joined forces with the National Center for Educational Accountability (NCEA) in the fall of 2002 to bolster the quality of education for students and respond to states' needs as they move forward to implement standards and accountability in the nation's classrooms.

The National Center for Educational Accountability, created in October 2001, is a joint venture of the Education Commission of the States, the University of Texas at Austin, and Just for the Kids, a nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas. The Center's mission is to expand states' knowledge of how to use data to monitor, analyze, and improve student and school performance. The Center accomplishes its work through a combination of data analysis, investigation of best practice, research, policy analysis, and training.

The newly enhanced organization ensures businesses and business-led coalitions throughout the country are provided the information and resources they need to expand their involvement in education reform, notably issues of accountability and best practices in standards-based reform.

Specifically, new roles for NCEA now include:

  • Supporting business-led coalitions working on education issues at the state and local level;
  • Aligning NCEA efforts with other national business and education groups; and
  • Providing information to help states effectively implement the No Child Left Behind Act.
The new Washington-based arm of NCEA will become the major center for providing information to national and state business coalitions on education reform issues.

NCEA Washington, D.C. Office
1455 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 375
Washington, D.C. 20004
phone: 202-662-2468
NCEA Headquarters
4030-2 West Braker Lane, Second Floor
Austin, Texas 78759
phone: 512-232-0714