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About the Author

John Immerwahr is a Senior Research Fellow at Public Agenda and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at Villanova University. He has written several previous Public Agenda reports on higher education, including Doing Comparatively Well: Why the Public Loves Higher Education and Criticizes K12 (1999); The Price of Admission: The Growing Importance of Higher Education (1998); Preserving the Higher Education Legacy: A Conversation with California Leaders (1995); and The Closing Gateway: Californians Consider Their Higher Education System (1993). In addition, he has authored and co-authored a number of other Public Agenda reports on education, including the groundbreaking national study, First Things First: What Americans Expect from the Public Schools (1994) and, for the 1996 National Education Summit of the nation's governors and business leaders, Americans' Views on Standards: An Assessment by Public Agenda (1996). Other state-specific studies written by Dr. Immerwahr include What Our Children Need: South Carolinians Look at Public Education (1996) and The Broken Contract: Connecticut Citizens Look at Public Education (1993).


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