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About the National Center

The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education works to strengthen Americas future by increasing opportunity and achievement for all who aspire to higher education. As an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, the National Center promotes public policies that enhance Americans opportunities for quality education and training beyond high school. Formed in 1998, the National Center is supported by a consortium of national foundations that includes The Pew Charitable Trusts and The Ford Foundation.

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152 North Third Street, Suite 705, San Jose, California 95112   1001 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 310, Washington, D.C. 20036
Telephone: 408-271-2699   Telephone: 202-822-6720
FAX: 408-271-2697   FAX: 202-822-6730

The National Center publishes:

  • Reports commissioned by the National Center,
  • Reports written by National Center staff,
  • National Center Policy Reports that are approved for release by the National Center's Board of Directors, and
  • CrossTalk, a quarterly publication.

Each of the publications below -- as well as a host of other information and links -- is available for downloading from the National Center's web site ( Single copies of most of these reports can also be obtained by faxing requests (with publication number) to 408-271-2697.

98-1 Concept Paper: A National Center to Address Higher Education Policy, by Patrick M. Callan (March 1998). Describes the purposes of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education.

98-2 The Price of Admission: The Growing Importance of Higher Education, by John Immerwahr (Spring 1998). A national survey of Americans' views on higher education, conducted and reported by Public Agenda.

98-3 Organizing for Learning: The View from the Governor's Office, by James B. Hunt Jr., Governor of North Carolina and Chair of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education (June 1998). An address to the American Association for Higher Education concerning opportunity in higher education.

98-4 Tidal Wave II Revisited: A Review of Earlier Enrollment Projections for California Higher Education, by Gerald C. Hayward, David W. Breneman and Leobardo F. Estrada (September 1998). Finds that earlier forecasts of a surge in higher education enrollments were accurate.

98-5 The Challenges Facing California Higher Education: A Memorandum to the Next Governor of California, by David W. Breneman (September 1998). Concludes that the next governor should give serious consideration to exploring a new Master Plan for Higher Education.

98-6 Federal Tuition Tax Credits and State Higher Education Policy: A Guide for State Policy Makers, by Kristin D. Conklin (December 1998). Examines the implications of the new federal income tax provisions on students and their families, and makes recommendations for state higher education policy.

98-7 Higher Education Governance: Balancing Institutional and Market Influences, by Richard C. Richardson, Jr., Kathy Reeves Bracco, Patrick M. Callan, and Joni E. Finney (November 1998). Describes the structural relationships that affect institutional efficacy in higher education, and argues that effective state policy achieves a balance between institutional and market forces.

98-8 The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Higher Education: An Agenda for Policy Research, by Dennis Jones, Peter Ewell, and Aims McGuinness (December 1998). Argues that due to substantial changes in the landscape of postsecondary education, new state-level policy frameworks must be developed and implemented.

99-1 Taking Responsibility: Leaders' Expectations of Higher Education, by John Immerwahr (January 1999). Reports the views of those most involved with decision-making about higher education, based on a survey and focus groups conducted by Public Agenda.

99-2 South Dakota: Developing Policy-Driven Change in Higher Education, by Mario Martinez (June 1999). Describes the processes for change in higher education that government, business and higher education leaders are creating and implementing in South Dakota.

99-3 State Spending for Higher Education in the Next Decade: The Battle to Sustain Current Support, by Harold A. Hovey (July 1999). This fiscal forecast of state and local spending patterns finds that the vast majority of states will face significant fiscal deficits over the next eight years, which will in turn lead to increased scrutiny of higher education in almost all states, and to curtailed spending for public higher education in many states.

00-1 A State-by-State Report Card on Higher Education: Prospectus (March 2000). The National Center is developing a state-by-state report card that compares and evaluates each state's performance in higher education. The goal of the report card is to stimulate the creation of state policies that enhance opportunity and achievement in higher education.

00-2 Great Expectations: How the Public and Parents—White, African American and Hispanic—View Higher Education, by John Immerwahr with Tony Foleno (May 2000). This report by Public Agenda finds that Americans overwhelmingly see higher education as essential for economic mobility; parents overwhelmingly believe that their children must go to college; and African American and Hispanic parents value higher education especially highly. The report is based on the most extensive survey ever conducted on public views about higher education.

The following reports by John Immerwahr compare state residents’ views on higher education to those of Americans generally:

00-2b     Great Expectations: How Pennsylvanians View Higher Education (May 2000).
00-2c     Great Expectations: How Floridians View Higher Education (August 2000).
00-2d     Great Expectations: How Coloradans View Higher Education (August 2000).
00-2e     Great Expectations: How Californians View Higher Education (October 2000).
00-2f     Great Expectations: How New Yorkers View Higher Education (October 2000).



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