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Part I:
    Chapter One:
    The Experience
    of the Grant
    Chapter Two:
    The Insider
Part II:
    Positioning FIPSE
    and Inclusiveness
    FIPSE Personnel
    Change Agents
    and Change
    Risk Taking
    The FIPSE
About the Authors
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JOHN IMMERWAHR, the author of Part I of this report, is the associate vice president for academic affairs at Villanova University and a senior research fellow with Public Agenda. He is the author or co-author of numerous Public Agenda reports on higher education, including: Great Expectations: How the Public and Parents-White, African-American, and Hispanic-View Higher Education (2000); Doing Comparatively Well: Why the Public Loves Higher Education and Criticizes K-12 (1999); and The Price of Admission: The Growing Importance of Higher Education (1998). In addition, he has authored and co-authored a number of other Public Agenda reports on education, including First Things First: What Americans Expect from the Public Schools (1994).

The authors of Part II were program officers at FIPSE during its early years. CHARLES I. BUNTING is vice president of A. T. Kearney, Inc. LYNN DEMEESTER is with the Arlington School District, in Virginia. RUSSELL GARTH is executive vice president of the Council of Independent Colleges. RICHARD HENDRIX is dean and director of the College of General Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. DAVID O. JUSTICE is vice president for lifelong learning at DePaul University. RAY LEWIS is director of Connections Associates. GRADY MCGONAGILL is principal of McGonagill and Associates. VIRGINIA B. SMITH is president emerita of Vassar College. CAROL STOEL is vice president of the Council for Basic Education.


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