Foreword by Susan Wally
Preface: A Message from the Conference Sponsors
Framing the Debate
Five Key Issues
Moving Forward
Appendix: Five Key Issues
Equity. Why is K-16 Collaboration Essential to Educational Equity? by Kati Haycock
Governance. Governance and the Connection Between Community, Higher Education and Schools, by Ira Harkavy
Standards. Bridging the Great Divide Between Secondary Schools and Postsecondary Education, by Michael Kirst and Andrea Venezia
Teachers. Improving Teacher Preparation: Research, Practice and Policy Implications, by Arturo Pacheco
Community. Inter-Level Educational Collaboration for Civic Capacity Building: The Role of Local Education Funds, by Wendy D. Puriefoy
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About the Institute for Educational Leadership
About the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education
About the Series: Perspectives in Public Policy

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Perspectives in Public Policy: Connecting Higher Education and the Public Schools

This publication series, "Perspectives in Public Policy: Connecting Higher Education and the Public Schools," seeks to promote public and educational policies designed to strengthen linkages between higher education and the schools. Reports in the series are addressed to policymakers, business and civic leaders, and educators. The series is co-sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education and the Institute for Educational Leadership.

Ordering Information

This publication is available at no charge at Other publications in this series are available for $15.00 per copy. Prepaid orders are not charged for postage and handling. Billed orders are charged $2.00 for the first publication and $1.00 for each additional publication ordered, up to a total of $5.00 for postage and handling.

To order publications from this series, please email, fax or mail your request to the Institute for Educational Leadership (see below). Please refer to the publication title and number when ordering.

The Institute for Educational Leadership
1001 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 310, Washington, D.C. 20036
Telephone: 202-822-8405 Fax: 202-872-4050 Email:

Reports Published in this Series

Gathering Momentum: Building the Learning Connection Between Schools and Colleges (April 2002, K-16 Report #02-01). These conference proceedings assess the status of partnerships between schools and colleges, and provide recommendations for moving forward in five key areas: equity, governance, standards, teachers, and community.

Overcoming the High School Senior Slump: New Education Policies, by Michael W. Kirst (May 2001, K-16 Report #01-01). Examines the causes and consequences of high school "senior slump" and presents policy directives that can help American high schools reclaim the academic rigor of the senior year.

Doing Comparatively Well: Why the Public Loves Higher Education and Criticizes K-12, by John Immerwahr (October 1999, K-16 Report #99-03). The author explores public attitudes about K-12 and higher education, and identifies trends that suggest that higher education's "honeymoon" with the public may be waning. The report is based on a wide range of public opinion surveys and focus groups conducted by Public Agenda during the past five years. Higher Education and the Schools: State Strategies that Support Successful Student Transitions from Secondary to Postsecondary Education, by P. Michael Timpane (July 1999, K-16 Report #99-02). This report explores the implications of school reform issues for the future of higher education.

All One System: A Second Look, by Harold L. Hodgkinson (June 1999, K-16 Report #99-01). This update to All One System clarifies recent trends, current impasses, and areas of immediate priority regarding the long-neglected relationships between higher education and the public schools.


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