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I am delighted to be here today and I appreciate having this opportunity to talk with you. I have admired the American Association for Higher Education for a long time, and I applaud your accomplishments in helping students learn more effectively. All Americans need to value the work that you do.

I have come here today in two capacities: as governor of the State of North Carolina and as chair of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education. As the title of my remarks has promised, I will share with you some of my views from the governorís office regarding education. Then I will take the bulk of my time to talk about the work of the new National Center. As I hope to make clear to you today, I believe that higher education in America has a marvelous track record. Since World War II, it has provided each generation of Americans with greater opportunities for learning and growth. It has created knowledge and pushed forward the boundaries of progress. And it has helped to transform this country into a great political and economic power.

But I also believe that today, America faces a series of challenges that threaten to close the doors of opportunity to higher education. I describe those challenges as two kinds of deficits that face this great nation: an opportunity deficit and a learning deficit. Iíll explain what I mean by those terms later, but I want you to know from the start that Iím here today because I want America to respond to the challenges it faces. I want it to respond by expanding its commitment to higher education. By keeping the doors of opportunity open to everyone, to all Americans. And by keeping college affordable. Is that too high a wall to climb? Not a chance. But youíll have to bear with me as I explain.


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