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Chapter 1: Five National Trends

Chapter 2: State Policies for Affordable Higher Education

Chapter 3: Questions and Answers about Losing Ground

Chapter 4: 2002 Update for the States: "A Dire Situation"

Chapter 5: Public Concerns about the Price of College

Chapter 6: Taking Care of the Middle Class

Table: Summary of state-sponsored prepaid tuition plans

Table: Summary of state-sponsored 529 plans

Chapter 7: Profiles of American College Students

Appendix: State Trends


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Last Updated on May 2, 2002


Increases in tuition have made colleges and universities less affordable for most American families.

Federal and state financial aid to students has not kept pace with increases in tuition.

More students and families at all income levels are borrowing more than ever before to pay for college.

The steepest increases in public college tuition have been imposed during times of greatest economic hardship.

State financial support of public higher education has increased, but tuition has increased more.