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1. Stability in Values
2. Growing Concerns
about Access
3. Attitudes about Social Class and Access
4. Older People Seeking Retraining
5. The Responsibility of Students
6. Necessary for Success
7. Holding the Line on Price Increases
Conclusion: Growing Importance of Higher Education
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Center for
Public Policy and
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  About the Author

John Immerwahr is a senior research fellow with Public Agenda and associate vice president for academic affairs at Villanova University. He is author and co-author of numerous Public Agenda reports on higher education, including: Meeting the Competition: College and University Presidents, Faculty, and State Legislators View the New Competitive Academic Arena (2002); Great Expectations: How the Public and Parents-White, African American, and Hispanic-View Higher Education (2000); and Doing Comparatively Well: Why the Public Loves Higher Education and Criticizes K-12 (1999). In addition, he has authored and co-authored a number of other Public Agenda reports on education, including First Things First: What Americans Expect from the Public Schools (1994).


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