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This essay is based on a special Roundtable on Policy, Leadership, and Governance, convened in May 2007 by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education in conjunction with Theodore Hullar, Director of the former Education Division of Atlantic Philanthropies. The Roundtable was made possible with funding from Atlantic Philanthropies. The essay was written by Gregory R. Wegner. The following individuals participated in the roundtable and helped to shape the essay’s central themes:

Robert H. Atwell
President Emeritus
American Council on Education

Lara K. Couturier
Ph.D. Candidate, Brown University, History Department
Higher Education Consultant

Patrick M. Callan
National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education

Kevin Carey
Research and Policy Manager
Education Sector

Gordon K. Davies
Higher Education Consultant

Joni Finney
Vice President
National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education

M.R.C. Greenwood
Chancellor Emerita, UC Santa Cruz
Chair, Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology
Professor of Nutrition and Internal Medicine
University of California, Davis

Eurmon Hervey, Jr.
Director of Postsecondary Education
Office of the State Superindendent of Education

Theodore L. Hullar
Atlantic Philanthropies (USA), Inc. (2000–2006)

Dennis P. Jones
National Center for Higher Education Management Systems

C. Judson King
Center for Studies in Higher Education
University of California, Berkeley

Kay J. Kohl
Executive Director and CEO
University Continuing Education Association

Paul E. Lingenfelter
State Higher Education Executive Officers

Ann Marcus
Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy
New York University

Mario Martinez
Associate Professor
Higher Education Leadership
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

James T. Minor
Assistant Professor
College of Education
Michigan State University

Michael T. Nettles
Senior Vice President and Edmund W. Gordon Chair
of Policy Evaluation and Research Center

Mikyung Ryu
Senior Policy Analyst
National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education

Gregory R. Wegner
Director of Program Development
Great Lakes Colleges Association

Jane V. Wellman
Executive Director
Delta Project on Postsecondary Costs